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Growing organically is not just for edibles. We feel strongly about using Organic practices for our cut-flower production as well. Using Organic techniques for growing, harvesting and processing rewards you with clean, long lasting bouquets, and all of the environmental advantages to Organic land management.  It is impossible to say “I Love You” with flowers if they come at a cost for health, environmental conditions, or worker standards.  But with Organically grown Flowers, you can fully say “I Love You” and know that every step of the way has received -and cultivated- LOVE!


We bring our flowers to Farmers' Markets, supply them Wholesale, and provide them for Weddings and Special Events.




Visit our Farmers' Market stand to select from our gorgeous bouquets, choose flowers by-the-stem, or make-your-own-bouquet.  We are also happy to custom make you a bouquet or help you learn how to arrange a bouquet if you haven't tried it before.  Flower selection varies throughout the season.  Come by and enjoy some color therapy!




We offer wholesale retail-ready Field Bunches, Sunflower Bunches, Sunflower Stems, and Classic Bouquets to stores, as well as a selection of standard bunches for florists.  If you are interested in becoming a Wholesale Customer, please contact us.



Weddings and Special Events


We are happy to supply flowers for the special events in your life.  We specialize in using seasonal flowers from our farm.  Fresh, organic, local flowers have a wonderful way of accenting events.  We offer flowers in bulk (for DIY arranging) and personal decor like hand-held bouquets, corsages and boutonnieres.  See pricelist for complete list of offerings.  We encourage DIY arranging for centerpieces, but if DIY isn’t for you we can help you connect with a designer for that part.  All special orders must be $100 or more, and require a $100 non-refundable deposit to save-the-date.  We do not offer cur-your-own or our farm as a wedding venue.


We look forward to providing you with exceptionally beautiful flowers for your event!


We begin booking Special Orders after February 1st for the given calendar year.


Follow this checklist for getting flowers for your event:


1. Contact us to check availability for your date.

2. Receive confirmation email from us.

3. Send $100 deposit with your order form.

4. Make any changes up to 2 weeks before.

5. Gather any supplies needed (vase-ware, pruners, wire, ribbon) if you are doing any part DIY.

6. Plan when/how/who will be arranging your DIY flowers.

7. Arrange who will be picking up your flowers.

8. Have an arranging party for your DIY flowers.

9. Have fun & Enjoy the beautiful flowers!


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